Alvar C.H. Freude

Designer, new media artist, coder
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This is only my temporary english home page, with a lot of really old content. You may want to visit some of my projects or contact me directly:

I work as freelance software developer and database specialist, usually using Perl and/or PostgreSQL. I'm specialist for performance optimization and code quality. I'm also internet activist and was from 2010 to 2013 member of an internet commission of the german parliament.

Censorship and internet filter

New: There is an English summary of my anti censorship projects.

Together with Dragan Espenschied I created as our diploma work an Experiment about censorship and net filters: During some months we manipulated all the WWW traffic at our academy. You may also read our english summary. Try the filter by yourself: change the proxy settings of your browser to:, port 7007

Petition against censorship

Declaration for freedom of information in the internet. As Reaction to some internet filtering and blocking issues in germany, together with some other netizens I wrote this declaration. It's an online petition against censorship. At the moment it seems, that this is only specific for germany, but in other countries including the USA there are also attempts to block certain informations from foreign countries.This is a very critical issue for democracy. Help us and sign the petition.


The Assoziations-Blaster is an interactive text network. Anyone, including you, is allowed to contribute to the text database. And all the texts inside this database are connected automatically in real time.
This work appeared first in January 1999, the english version in 2000.It's a well known internet literature project in germany.


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