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Jefe about spam
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Ronja about spam
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Emma Example about spam

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Emma Example about spam

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Emma Example about spam

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Jefe wrote on Nov 28th 2004, 02:36:36 about


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datagarbage – such a strange word. Is it German?

It has consistently been one of the most active Assoziations at a-blast.

Yet the apparent English equivalent, spam has no entries?! Outrageous!

That's about to change. :D

Jefe wrote on Nov 28th 2004, 02:49:49 about


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Jefe wrote on Nov 28th 2004, 02:48:16 about


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Slashdot: Do-Not-Call List Could Be Opened For Phone Spam

Posted by timothy on Saturday November 27, 2004 @05:15PM
from the our-company-bought-your-information-friend dept.
Wick_7654 submits a link to this story at the Chicago Sun-Times, which begins »The agency overseeing the national Do Not Call Registry is considering opening a loophole to allow companies to deliver 'pre-recorded message telemarketing.' The effort is being organized by Allen Hile of the FTC's division of marketing practice. Be sure to let the FTC know how you feel about itThe proposed change specifies that recorded calls would be allowed only when an »established business relationship« exists, but provisions like that tend to be stretched to absurdity.

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