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rachel a b about lesbian
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Knacki about lesbian
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on Mar 16th 2007, 22:44:58 wrote
Chris about lesbian

on Jul 28th 2004, 07:28:28 wrote
Mor about lesbian

on Mar 21st 2006, 22:18:03 wrote
passion about lesbian

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Jackson wrote on Apr 18th 2000, 02:57:10 about


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I moved to the neighborhood because there were so many attractive young women there. Little did I know that I was moving to a neighborhood with the highest concentration of lesbians in the entire city.

At least you can get a good cup of coffee there.

Julianne wrote on Apr 15th 2000, 08:13:16 about


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Now I will share with you my favorite graffito of all time. You need to do this in 2 colors or if you don't have 2 colors, use different handwriting styles.

FIRST STYLE: My mother made me a lesbian.

SECOND STYLE: If I gave her the yarn, would she make me one too?

Maybe you had to be there!

sara the mac wrote on Apr 17th 2000, 08:54:29 about


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she ran away from her parents' white-picket-fenced suburbia to live in the lesbian capital of the known universe. numerologists studied the postal code and discovered a correspondence between the first 6 digits and the letters of sappho's name. she didn't care about that. she had to figure out what the new rules were and what the new game was called.

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