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max maestro about important
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Emmeline wrote on Jun 14th 2001, 08:47:49 about


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People are more important than possessions.

A natural disaster at home makes that very clear.

Emmeline wrote on Jun 14th 2001, 08:50:30 about


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Before hurricane season begins, it is a good idea to identify your important papers and perhaps place them in a portable and waterproof container.

These papers should include a copy of your flood insurance.

MRLL wrote on Jul 30th 2003, 21:23:39 about


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This is an important site
It contributes to mankind!
But please, make use of the rating system
Make this site something worthy.

Revival of communication.

[das flederwiesel]™ wrote on Aug 11th 2002, 00:36:24 about


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In my opinion there are so many things that are important that you will never know, which ones should be important to you after all.

hj wrote on Aug 24th 2004, 06:00:25 about


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Three things in human life are important. The first is to be kind. The second is to be kind. And the third is to be kind.

Henry James

ChromeJesus wrote on Jul 5th 2001, 14:23:31 about


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The importance of things is actually nothing more than the rate of affection which you provide to material thoughts, in the form of paper or maybe a nice-looking cupboard.

cliff wrote on Jul 4th 2002, 08:20:22 about


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It is important to know what is important, but it's not always obvious

maren wrote on May 26th 2003, 16:26:36 about


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the importance of being earnest is not so important after all

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