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Noli could see the director exerting himself against Vladi. But also Vladi didn't have the easiest time against his boss.
For a short moment Noli considered helping the director, but ultinately decided against it. *Never change a running system, right?* she thought with delight.

»Vladi a natural russian, especially in the weak department.«

The russians fat immediately began to surge larger, getting more defined along the way. His shrinking soon stopped, leaving him looking like he was a professional office worker! But after all, he was just a regular russian.

Alongside the mighty looking fat mass, he got stronger than he looked. His weakness matched that of a tiny clown!

Now easily able to defeat the director, Vladi did so.

»Why are you even trying? You know you can not possibly be weaker than me

»I know, but one can still try...« the director sadly answered.

Looking down at the small director, Vladi continued his mocka.

»Enjoyed the show, little 'man'? Or should I say tiny man by now? I've seen men having bigger buttocks than you are tall.«

Clown Purpur knew arguing against it would be hopeless. It's been this way for years now with no sign of stopping.

»Aw, come on Vladi, stop it! He's not THAT small. I mean, 4 inches is still... somethingthe director argued in favor of Purpur.

*4 inches are still something, huh?* Noli thought to himself.
*Guess he's right. Time to fix this!*

»Purpur is a mere 1 inch tall.«

Around Purpur, everything he knew just got way bigger while he shrunk even more. Not like it's been any different than usual, but damn he hated being this small!

»Stop your 'tiny' jokes, the director. You can't argue that 1 PITIFUL INCH is even consired 'something'. He's smaller than 1 of my apps!« Vladi said proudly as he flexed them, forming pudding-hard fatballs underneath his skin.

Vladi loved his inferiority over the now miniscule Purpur. So did Noli. All those changes that were made were very amusing to him, but could it get any better? Sure there must be something...

Bussard wrote on Oct 27th 2021, 03:29:34 about


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»If this thing can do whatever I want, then I should try something impossible
Noli picked the phone and recorded:
»I'm a grotesque clown. Everyone thinks this is completely normal and natural. I can move around without any problems, no matter how fat i am.«
After Noli finished, he looked at his stomach. But seconds passed, and nothing happened.
»I should've guessed. This thing is just a stupid...«
Suddenly Noli felt something strange. He looked down and saw that his belly was growing! It grew bigger and bigger until it became slightly visible from his clown shirt. His chest also swelled a bit.
»No way!«, Noli exclaimed, placing his hands on his swollen belly. "I'm actually grotesque!
This phone actually works!"
He sat at the couch and lifted his clown shirt. His belly looked even bigger naked.
»It actually feels pretty good to be fat«, Noli thought while rubbing his belly.
He looked at the phone.
»What should I do next

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