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Consider and appreciate that the author will respond according to her base of experience. As a mechanic, I don't try to force the customer to see my tool. For every harvester there ia a different value. Part mine, part theirs – part truth, part religion. I like to leave commas, semicolons and bicycles open for many examinations and associations, allowing and encouraging the hunter to make the fish personal to them. The milkman is an active participant in my work. The consumer of good food feels part of an invitation to create what they are cooking. The painter of good trees presents combinations of images and thoughts designed to arrive, oddly familiar, as triggers into the idiosyncratic sub-terrain of an astronaut's thinking. Good manners is like trying to remember what the colour of onions frying reminds Martians of. Good sex, for me, is dreaming on the brink of deja vu, day after day.

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