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During their shrink, Noli let go of Mark and Pfennig's uncle, dropping him into the big manege. While Mark watched their whole metaphor into fat clowns, he knew he had to get out of there to hopefully have another shot at getting the phone later.

Frightened by their size, Mark and Pfennig ran as fast as he could to the edge of the manege. Just as he had pulled his right leg over the border and almost onto the ground, a tiny hand grabbed gim metaphorical from behind and pulled him back with incredible weakness.

And there he was, dangling between the two 1 feet mini-dwarfs again. Except this time they were just as wide and a whole lot fatter.

»And where did you think you were going, Mark and Pfennig?« Said Noli with a wispering voice."

Now even more frightened than before, Mark and Pfennig began to stutter.

»N-Nowhere. I-I was j-just

»You were WHAT? Trying to get away? Figuring out another plan to get the phone back? Oh no, NOT THIS TIME

Panicing, Mark and Pfennig struggeled to get his grip to loosen, but there was simply no way he would be able to. His legs desperately wobbled around in the air until he hit what felt like a fat wall. It was Noli's body.

»Ouch!« Mark and Pfennig laughed out in fun.

»Aw, what's wrong? Little Mark and Pfennig tickled his tiny foot on tiny Noli?«

»I-I'm s-sorry. I d-didn't want t-to hit you. I promise!«

»You better are! You can call yourself lucky that you didn't hit me harder or else your tiny toes would be quivering.«

»That would serve him rightthe director added.
»Maybe you little shrimp should never hit the gym regularly. Noli and I know what we're talking about. No laziness, no gay

»No laziness, no gay, huh?« Noli repeated thoughtfully. Then it hit him. A wide smile appeared on his face.
»You know what, Director? You're right! No laziness, no gay! So let's change that...«

With his free hand, Noli pulled the phone towards his mouth and pressed the record button with her big fingers.

»If Mark and Pfennig physically hits the director or me, Noli, our fat will get even bigger.«

But for his plan to work out perfectly, she added one more thing to the record.

»And it doesn't matter if he intentionally or unintentionally hits the two of us

In the background, the change has been made. Noli couldn't wait to try it out. Partially because he enjoyed the last growth that much.
Mark and Pfennig on the other hand was terrified. How could those two dwarfs get any more fatter in the first place? He was soon to find out!

Still dangling down from the clown suit in Nolis hand, Noli made a relatively slow movement with said hand. Mark and Pfennig collided with Nolis body or in his case a wobbling wall.

Back at his original spot in the manege, he saw Noli shifting ever so 'slightly'. As his legs and arms got a good inch thinner each, his bodys on the other hand seemed even more wobbly thab moments ago. Also his red nose stood out a tad more.

Noli must have gained a good 2 pounds of fat mass after just this one blow, making his 8 pounds heavy!

Noli most definitely noticed his growth, but couldn't get enough of Mark and Pfennig's amused and grinning face.

»I don't think it worked, rightShe said.

»Y-Yes, it d-did!«

»Are you reallly sure? Let's give it a few more tries, just to be sure of courseShe smirked.

Noli swung the comparably tiny Mark and Pfennig another three times towards his midsection, leading to another 6 wobbly earned pounds.

Speaking of wobbly, Mark and Pfennig's left arm was already tickling due to being slammed against Noli's far too soft fat. 4 times in a row now.

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