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on Oct 15th 2000, 19:49:54, dyl wrote the following about


Is there a record of when or why the »a« was dropped
from »encyclopaedia«? I do not wish to initiate a discussion
on the evoloution or usage of language, but there seems to
be an overbearing anarchism at play. If, as I suspect, the less adept
are having such an influence-is this website helpful or
unhelpful and, if either, who for? Surely only the adept will
know or care, while those who do not understand will see
a cause that they (despite not understanding it) are prepared
to follow. As long as arrogant twats like me
remain I suppose we'll understand each other. Have I had
too much to drink?
This shows signs of paranoia and insecurity mixed with
megolamaniacal tendencies. The point is I know the answers
to all thse questions and it really isn't important anyway-
just interesting and I am only talking to myself. See what
you've started? What was the keyword anyway?

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