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Speaking of cultural differences in dress...

The veddy proper Royal Navy lieutenant commander, a friend of mine, in charge of the small Caribbean island's new coast guard, was charged with the responsibility of designing a proper uniform for his men.

He chose a tam cap, a white middie blouse piped in blue, white shorts and knee socks and white shoes.

It was an elegant uniform that enhanced the various dark shades of the guardsmen.

But they were not impressed. They refused to wear the uniform unless absolutely necessary, as when a visiting peer or MP came aboard

The commander asked his CPO what the problem was. 'Skipper, these men wore shorts until they were 9 or 10, when they graduated to long pants,' the chief explained. 'And you want to put kiddies' clothes on them again?'

Within two days, the uniform was adapted to include navy trousers, black socks and black shoes.

The men were pleased.

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