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It was high noon when he stepped off the ladder where it terminated at the edge of the roof. He had always hated heights.

He over layed the new shingle in line with others, thereby filling in the missing layer.

He pulled out his hammer and began to swing. He had just finished off his last swing and was pleased with is handiwork.

It was just at this point that he lost his balance and began to crescendo downward, he thought is this the end? How many stars will be »in my crown, when the evening sun goeth down«?

He sent up a quick prayer for deliverance to the »One who is crowned with many Crowns

Just as he thought he was coming to his ultimate end, his fall was stopped when his shirt was caught in the crown of laurel shrub.

He lay there encircled and wreathed among the laurel leaves. In that moment he appeared as an ancient greek athlete, having received his just reward.

Having gathered his wits about him, he managed to achieve a slower decent to earth with a few scratches and a chipped tooth.

In the bathroom he cleaned up the wounds, then went to the phone and made an appointment for the dentist. They had a cancellation and could see him at the prime hour of 3 P. M.

The cusp was chipped and was filled in with white »dentist putty.« Dr. Priest recommended that he return and have a crown place to strengthen the crack that was forming in the tooth. It was recommend that he eat soft food for the next few days.

To top off the Zenith of his day, Candice had made a crown roast for dinner, but all he could have is soup and pudding.

Just a typical day in the life of Reggie Fitzroyal.

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