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on Dec 11th 2001, 22:24:51, hans_extrem wrote the following about


WORDWAR ; WORDWAR was a solo-project by etoy.BRAINHARD [a.k.a. etoy.HANS, luzius europa brainhard, hans_extrem, hans a. bernhard, h_e, net_CALLBOY, uberHANS].

WORDWAR was considered part of the etoy.TANK-SYSTEM; in the revolutionary year of 1995; VERSION_1_0 is »the« original version, in VERSION_2_0 additional txt and features have been built in, this version seems to be strongly influenced by the lack of sex, by frank odgen, jodi.org and alcohol;

major parts of the WORDWAR_txt are in german or in mixed germany_english; ADD: There used to be a mailinglist with the intention to bring net_MANIACS and radical »writers« together;

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