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on Mar 8th 2003, 05:26:16, ken madden wrote the following about


I'm an Indian as old
as the mountains, the sea and the sky
I sit in my teepee watching the cars
on the freeway pass me by
I knew the land when it was unspoiled
before the settlers came
I knew the land before it was polluted
by falling acid rain
I'm an Indian as old
as the streams and rivers
that flow into the sea
I walked the land without a helping hand
and knew that I was free
I watched the buffalo disappear
that once roamed the endless grassy plain
I saw tall buildings rise, highways built
and the tracks that brought the train
The factories came that created jobs
and brought in workers by the score
The forests were cut and the land was plowed
and still they wanted more
I'm an Indian as old
as the first time man walked on the moon
I sit in my casino
and hope for a return to the beginning very soon

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