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on Aug 18th 2003, 13:47:38, elfboi wrote the following about


Some of these lines may contain fnords:

The toxic waste dump is hot and the ID card is vivid.
Flaming Carrot is the sculpture; Hobbes was removed by Hell.
Winston Churchill betrays the conquering olive and the tin-plated scuba mask.
The Death Star is user-friendly and the chainsaw is dizzy.
Ronald Reagan is distressed by London and commands the krugerrand.
Gorbachev is the arbitrary mosquito; Ronald Reagan was joined by Uranus.
Your mother teases the dyslexic couch and the treacherous capsule.
Your place is gelatinous and the treasure chest is agnostic.
Squad 23 takes his easy saxophone and is the patron of Poland.
Han Solo is the cyberdeck; Richard Pryor was eliminated by the home of a trusted friend.
Mr. Bill subverts the innocent spider and the dizzy mosquito.
Cheyenne Mountain is temporary and the phased plasma rifle is slack-producing.
The Discordian takes my chair and was assassinated by Endsville.
Zeus is the yak; Ho Chi Minh walks to (not available at your clearance).
Israel is embossed and the geographer is lecherous.
Nelson Mandela strokes the virginal geographer and the orbital surfboard.
Munich is vampiric and the jellybean is granular.
Archangel Gabriel persuades President Clinton and your boat.
Dilbert infiltrates the well-dressed terminal and the drugged coke can.
The bathroom is greedy and the code wheel is alien.
Jane Fonda assumes responsibility for Sixth Street and perverts the grasshopper.
Obi-Wan Kenobi is the paddle; Grandmother elopes with Moscow.
Eddie Murphy eats the worthless plant and the flaming passport.
The North Pole is treacherous and the user's manual is indictable.
A dead relative flees from Hell and contaminates the phased plasma rifle.
Princess Leia is the perfectly ordinary phone; Idi Amin retreated from the bathroom.
Fearless Leader commands the tax-free dictator and the hot wheel.
The Hotel California is wealthy and the pyramid is calculating.
Bill Gates goes for Topeka and discards the Uzi.
Rocky is the 911 file; Dave Letterman was threatened by the World Trade Center.
Timothy Leary amuses the diseased trumpet and the imitation goldfish.
Death Valley is user-friendly and the dictaphone is opaque.
Scrooge flies to Siberia and tickles the computer.
Grandmother mates with The Computer and my electric duck.
Margaret Thatcher outwits the untouchable business card and the atomic piccolo.
Las Vegas is young and the amphibian is vacillating.
Steve has left with headquarters and pitches the light bulb.
Your evil twin swats Spaceman Spiff and my flag.
Mr. Ed whips the vacant radio and the oozing ice cream.
New York is impotent and the rescuer is radical.
Hobbes is contaminated by Berlin and controls the skillet.
Zonker saves Robert Heinlein and your user-friendly pop tart.

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